GOBI Cashmere was established in 1981 by the joint effort of Mongolian and Japanese governments. Since then GOBI has gained a reputation of the world's number one 100% cashmere coat producer. All of our coat fabrics are made in Japan using Japanese number one sewing technique and Italian craftsmanship.
GOBI is fully committed to our environment and sustainable cashmere. The sustainability of Mongolian cashmere focuses on preserving and restoring grasslands, ensuring animal welfare, and securing livelihoods of the nomadic herders.
The luxurious GOBI Cashmere products are made from the finest natural fibers harvested by the most humane and traditional way. The nomadic herders gently hand-comb each naturally grazed goat. The extreme cold weather in Mongolia helps to produce the highest quality, premium cashmere in the world.

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